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Alumnus helped create "Farmer" Super Bowl ad

Ryan Redus '07 and a team at The Richards Group developed the widely applauded "So God Made A Farmer" commercial for RAM Trucks.


by Rick Waters '95
Updated: Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Did you love the "God Made A Farmer" commercial for Dodge Ram trucks during the Super Bowl? TCU alum Ryan Redus '07 was part of a team that created it.

No dressed-up dogs, no celebrities, no talking babies.

In fact, the Super Bowl commercial you surely talked about around the tube last night and at the watercooler this morning had no moving video to speak of — just picturesque photography and an almost 35-year-old recording of a deceased radio broadcaster.

“So God made a farmer.”

Chrysler’s two-minute ad for RAM pickup trucks, celebrating America’s food harvesters and their unmatched work ethic, ran in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII and featured a scratchy rendition of a 1978 speech Paul Harvey gave at the National Future Farmers of America Convention.

The spot drew wide praise in the media and within the advertising industry. Adweek tabbed it as its favorite of the night. USA Today readers pegged it third-best in its ad meter contest. The Detroit Free Press gushed, “Every Super Bowl marketer would do well to consider: Patriotism still sells. And so do longer tales told well, even in an age of instant YouTube clips.”

Maybe best of all: Lots of people saw it. The football game (and its power outage drama) drew a Super Bowl record 48.7 overnight rating.

Photo All of this makes TCU alum Ryan Redus ’07 pretty happy.

A brand management professional with Dallas-based The Richards Group, who created the spot, Redus worked on a team of about seven creatives, producers and brand managers to concept, produce and roll out the ad and its accompanying campaign. They (and fellow Horned Frog Cassidy Moore ’07) also crafted a spot called “Topless” for Fiat, which ran during the pre-game show.

“We’ve got big smiles around here today,” he said. “It was a team effort. We knew it would be a big one, and our goal is for it to be a catalyst for a movement. We want 2013 to be the year of the farmer.”

Redus’s team began working on the commercial in late November, and commissioned 10 elite photographers, including National Geographic icon William Albert Allard and documentary photographer Kurt Markus, to capture the hardscrabble life of the middle-America farmer. They captured almost 100,000 images.

In addition to traditional advertising and social media publicity, RAM will also lend its farmer campaign to an art book and potentially a museum exhibit.

The creative process is a team effort. Redus’s role includes preliminary planning and coordinating with partner agencies to develop the strategy behind the spot, guard its secrecy, launch it and aid in the virality of the commercial once it aired.

The patriotic theme played well in last year’s Super Bowl and continues to attract eyeballs.

On its website, RAM says it will make a donation to support FFA and “local hunger and education programs” every time a viewer shares the video on Twitter and Facebook. 




2/4/2013 6:21:27 PM Jennie young Hargrove said:

Go frogs!!!! Loved the two commercials ! Should hav known it would b frogs behind the scenes!!!

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